When a Town Becomes a Community

It is been said that in a crisis families will bond together. I feel that this also happens to communities. On October 7th, Hurricane Matthew hit Hilton Head unlike any storm in our history. We were blessed that most everyone evacuated the island. After three long days, we are allowed back on the island and with trepidation we made our way to our homes and businesses. No one was hurt, but the amount of fallen trees and debris piles was truly astounding.
This is when the miracle began. The outpouring of neighbor to neighbor, stranger to stranger support was like nothing I’ve ever seen. We, as a community, were all in the same boat, and we needed to paddle together to get through this. For weeks all conversations have been about Matthew, and all businesses stopped to aid in the recovery. And recover we have. Today the Island is back. Stores are open, visitors are back, and we all are moving forward. It will be months before all the debris and homes are repaired but something else is happening. The Hilton Head community has seen what we can do when we work in unison. We have become a real community not just a group of neighbors.
I’ve always been very proud of Hilton Head because of its incredible beauty. Today I’m proud of its people. We were down, but we came back and we came back better than we ever were. No one wishes bad things on a community, or a family, but the positive effect of this storm on all of us will leave a lasting mark on Hilton Head. #hiltonheadstrong.img_8658

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